Thank You

This September 30th marks 10 years since Thomas died of neuroblastoma. It’s hard to believe we’ve lived without him for a decade, and while some memories have begun to fade, for his family and friends, the pain of his loss endures.

For personal reasons, we have decided to stop holding The Annual Walk for Thomas event, both this year and in the future. The ten WFT events have meant so much to our family. The smiles, kind words and outpouring of support at each event has provided great light in a dark time of year for us. Your participation and encouragement have given us strength and helped us remember Thomas through the lens of all the lives he touched. Whether you attended once or ten times, walked on your own or made an online donation, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Through the Walk for Thomas and Peloton65, we’ve raised almost $200,000 for neuroblastoma research. Our family appreciates your generosity, as will the families that will be similarly struck by this horrendous childhood cancer in the future. We will continue to encourage and accept donations to fund the research being done by Dr. Paul Beaudry and others, and with your continuing financial support, we have hope for a future without neuroblastoma.

As you all know, the Annual Walk for Thomas brought an entire community together, growing from a memorial event for Thomas in 2011 to an inspirational family event in the years that followed. That success wouldn’t have been possible without the talent and commitment of the event leaders, the sponsors, the plethora of volunteers, Queen Elizabeth Elementary School, and all of you. We remain truly humbled by your kindness, dedication, and love.

While we mark this 10th anniversary without a formal event, we hope you’ll all continue to remember Thomas. You may try to picture him as the 17-year-old he would be now, or revel in your memories of his irrepressible spirit and lust for life as a little boy. Join us in holding him in your hearts forever.

Our deepest thanks,

Di, Phil, Anna and Thomas’ entire family

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